• Get an air or foam mattress — Your sleeping bag on the hard ground may not be the best situation if you have back or neck pain, or if you don't venture out to the wilderness often. Invest in an air or foam mattress — the cushion will make sleeping easier, and you won't wake up with the creakiness the next day.
  • Wear good shoes — If you plan on taking that nature walk, make sure to wear shoes with good shock absorbers. If you pull out your old standbys to walk on rough terrain, the muscles in your lower back may not thank you in the morning. Shock absorbers wear out in shoes, so consider getting some inserts if you've already put some miles on your kicks.
  • Drink water — Being out in the sun all day can take a larger toll on your body than you may think. Lack of hydration may cause sensitivity in the back muscles, so drink up.