Amusement Parks

Thinking of taking the kids to enjoy their favorite amusement park rides? If you consider taking the seat next to them on that roller coaster, you may want to keep the following thoughts in mind for back and neck care:

  • Relax — Before getting on those rides, especially rides with a lot of G-force, try to relax your muscles and do a few stretches to loosen up. If you tense up and try to hold your neck and back in place, you may cause yourself some pain.
  • Follow instructions — If you come up to a ride that advises guests who suffer from back and neck pain to abstain from riding the ride, then you should definitely heed the warning.
  • Report injuries to your physician — If you find that your back is sore after riding any of the rides, you should probably cut the rides short for the day. Depending on the intensity of the pain, you may want to consider visiting the park's first aid station. If you find that you have radiating pain in your arms or legs, persistent pain, weakness or numbness below the shoulder or hip, your foot drops and you begin to drag your toe or foot, or you lose control of your bladder or bowels, you should seek assistance from a spine specialist as soon as possible.